Saturday, September 18, 2010


Although I have created an "About" page, and plan on adding general information about myself in my Blogger profile, I thought an introductory post would be appropriate to properly launch this blog. Later on I will add a post about my personal design philosophy, as derived from class exercises and discussions (photos to be included).

This quarter (Fall 2010) at SCAD, as part of my interior design undergraduate curriculum, I am taking a class called Form, Space, and Order. Over the course, according to the syllabus and materials given in class thus far, we will be studying and discussing the primary elements of design, form (solids, shapes, etc), space (planes, negative space, etc), organization (spatial relationships, types of organization), circulation, proportion & scale, and principles (axis, symmetry, transformation, etc). In this blog I'll be defining terms, relating things I've learned from this course, and sharing design I've seen "in the wild" as it relates to this course.

I'm hoping in the course of this blog that I can present the ideas and materials in a professional but entertaining manner; maybe others will get just as much out of my blog as I will.

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