Sunday, November 14, 2010

Final thoughts: a preview.

I have many thoughts about Form, Space and Order in general and my capstone project -- a living cube -- in particular. We joke about it a lot because it gets said a lot, but both really have been a journey. This echoes everything about life and learning, actually: it's always a work in progress. For class purposes we'll call the project "done" when we turn it in at the end of the quarter, but the lessons learned will hopefully stay with me (and the rest of us) in future classes, projects, and perhaps even our actual practice outside of SCAD.

In reality, however, we're never really done. We just move to another phase, another cycle, another round of ideas and discovery, putting them into practice, and refining as we go. But to really move forward? That takes some thinking outside of the box.

Cardboard study model for Living Cube capstone project.

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