Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm not sure if my other classmates from Form, Space and Order at SCAD will use these blogs beyond the classroom requirement, but as I've said before, I will. I started using the Internet in its early stages with message boards, online discussion groups, MUSHs and the like, and kept using as it has changed and grown, so this is a very comfortable medium for me. For all that most folks seem to be into social media, they're not really into using the Internet as tools beyond that, but I sincerely hope they do: it's invaluable in this day and age.

To begin with, I'd like to start promoting my work. It's very much student work at this point, which I'm sure anyone reading this (and not just my classmates) understands, but I felt it was important to reiterate that. I hope, then, that people will be able to see how I am growing and changing as an...well, I suppose "artist" applies (although that's a loaded term to me, which I will explain at some point), considering what I have done until recently, but as an interior designer as well.

I fairly regularly post the work I'm proud of or simply want to share on Flickr:

I'm most proud of my floor plans and Rendering pieces (of the work I've done most recently), and work like these:

"now i lay me down to sleep" - from Photography class

"urban treasures" -- from Photography class

"subtractive charcoal still life" -- from Drawing II class

"identity crisis" -- final project from Drawing II class

"alex in shadows"

I most love charcoal/pastels and photography, outside of the mediums used for interior design, but I'm coming to love the markers and colored pencils for rendering as well. Not a fan of the penciling and inking process, but I think it may just take some time for me to get used to it -- like an acquired taste, you could say.

I also like designing web pages (and have done so in HTML on Notepad), and occasionally give my husband feedback on his designs. (He does some freelance work putting together websites for friends and associates, and has been delving deeper into PHP, CSS, MooTools and many other web design programming tools.) There's an element of inserting beauty into functionality that's appealing, and knowing the guts of how to do just that, figuring out how things work and tinkering with them, is part of that appeal. Learning the fundamentals of design as a whole -- elements and principles like color, line, space, unity or balance -- has been very helpful with this in addition to my own work.

I like being able to flex my creative muscles toward a fulfilling end like helping others. I hope I can eventually find work with non-profit organizations, or companies that have many projects involving low-income or disabled clients. An acquaintance of mine builds playgrounds around the countries with the help of volunteers; I think that's an amazing job, and right in the spirit of what I'd love to do as well.

I hope anyone who's been shown my class's blogs will stay tuned -- I think I have a lot to offer, and am willing and able to grow and learn.

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  1. This is awesome you'e keeping all of your work together! I feel inspired to do the same. & p.s. I'm keeping up with the blog er... trying to at least. so know one classmate is reading :)